Slovak Lavender essential oil

As we have already written about Lavender, it is a good time to write a few words about lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is one of the products we can get from lavender. The ancient Egyptians used lavender essential oil for mummification.

Čo je to vlastne esenciálny olej?

Essential oil is the most ethereal part of the plant because it contains a concentrate of the plant’s scents. As lavender is an aromatic plant, it contains a concentration of fragrances and molecules. The oil is produced by distillation, only in the case of aromatic plants the oil can be obtained by distillation. As the steam passes through the lavender flowers, it opens its cells (vesicles), which contain aromatic molecules. These aromatic molecules change to a gaseous form and then only need to be cooled to achieve a liquid state of the aroma molecules. If these molecules get into a liquid state, they become so-called essential oil that just needs to be filled into containers and we can use it.

Each lavender plant contains varieties of scent. Also, this difference in the scent of lavender and the resulting lavender perfume itself is like the DNA of lavender, because it speaks of the soil in which lavender grew, how often it rained in a given year, on which slope it grew, from which side the wind blew. distilled, it’s like a big book of records about a given year and a given plant. The essential oil contains the memory of the sun and rain, heat and winter, the strength of the wind and all possible aspects that affect the plant. All these factors are contained in the scent of lavender, we can smell the hay, peach, vanilla, coumarin. We also noticed that our lavender flowers also smell differently every year.

My sme náš prvý levanduľový esenciálny olej vyrobili v roku 2018, bolo ho veľmi málo. Na druhej strane sme skúsili, že je to výborná práca, spôsob ako zvýrazniť a získať vôňu levandule a spôsob ako využiť levanduľu.

Gamy Lavandeland lavender essential oil

Effects of lavender essential oil.

Lavender essential oil can be used to treat wounds after insect bites, wound dressings after burning or tanning. Lavender has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, lavender essential oil can also be used, if you have a stressful period, you suffer from anxiety, you have trouble sleeping, you can spread 2-3 drops of lavender oil on your hands and breathe or drip on a pillow and you will sleep well . The smell of oil causes chemical reactions in our brain and body, creating a feeling of peace. It treats skin diseases such as acne, dandruff on the head, various fungal skin diseases (Figure: Effects of lavender essential oil). In the picture you can see my skin before and after applying lavender oil. The oil helped me cure fungal skin diseases, which is why I appreciate and produce it so much. It’s a miracle. We also use our oil to treat or prevent diseases in bees. Using lavender essential oil, we have removed the honeycomb vine (bee parasite) in hives and combs, and we are trying to find a combination in the treatment and removal of Varroa destructor (the largest bee parasite and pathogen in bees).

Effects of lavender essential oil

The oil is used in cosmetics, in cleaning products, in the perfume industry, in medicine.

Gamy Lavandeland lavender water

A by-product of lavender distillation is lavender water. It is water from distillation, which has a strong scent of lavender and also contains molecules, both medicinal and fragrant. It is used on the skin (it cleanses it, degreases and cures acne), it can also be used to remove dandruff from the hair (restores cells on the skin in the head), removes make-up and removes eyes.

The great scent must surprise, but it must also calm down. It must prevail completely naturally. We will never be without the scent. It’s about memories, we can’t live without it. It’s all about history, family history. Your mother’s perfume, your girlfriend’s scent, about the scent of a loved one. Your own scent is like your brand. It’s about the idea, the scent can take you to another place, it’s about relationships with another person. It’s an amazing thing. The scent is such a primitive thing that it’s amazing. “ Gamy Lavandeland 2019